Having worked over 20 years in the Advertising field in Sri Lanka as well as Canada, I have a huge portfolio of ads, ad campaigns & ad concepts I had developed. Below are just a few of them.

Canada’s Wonderland

Working at DMB&B in downtown Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland was one of my clients. These are some of the newspaper and magazine ads that I developed.

Batik Tea Ads

In late 2008 I got the opportunity to work with one of Sri Lanka’s leading Tea exporters, developing their brands and supporting their marketing efforts. I used using some of the favourite pastimes, sports and other situations where a different cup of Tea was highlighted.

Ceylon Tea Ads

Using the Colonial history of Tea and Sri Lanka, I developed these ads to promote the world famous Ceylon Tea. 

Grace Foods Ads

One of my main clients was Grace Foods Canada, who are specialized in Caribbean food, drinks and their spices. Coconut Water and related products are very popular in the Canadian market. These are some of the ads I developed for them. 

Other Ads

Here are few of the other ads I designed and developed for a Tea Shop in Sri Lanka and 2 automotive related businesses in Canada. 

Conceptual Ads

Some of the best ideas do not always go into production for many reasons. Some for budget reasons, some for being too risqué and others that simply goes over the head of the client.