Having trained in Water Colour & Acrylic paintings in my youth, I turned towards commercial art & graphics after leaving school, creating Comic Strips and Caricature art. The ability to work in different styles of illustration, I always enjoy using them in my work in the graphics and advertising field.


The first painting of wooden mannequins in Christmas gear was done for Loomis & Toles, a well known art supplier in the 90s in Toronto for their Holiday Season Flyer. The other 6 were done for North American Datsun Nissan Z car Convention (ZCON) showing the 6 generation of their models.

Cartoon & Carricatures

The three samples listed below were all created for the Ontario Z Car Association, for their Newsletter & couple of ZCON events.

Digital & Vector

First 2 illustrations created in Photoshop for an ad campaign for a Bank while working at DMB&B. The next 2 illustrations of Datsun Nissan cars were manipulated in Photoshop for posters. The 5 Datsun Nissan race cars were vector drawings created in Adobe Illustrator. The next 2 are photo montages for Diary Covers and the last ones were large format photoshop compositions for Grace Foods Trucks and Mural for their office.

Marker Rendering

The first two marker renderings were done for my early portfolio additions while the third one with a Superman & Lois Lane concept was developed for a print company (PLM Group). Last one was done for ZCON poster, depicting popular ads/commercials of their Z cars in comic strip style drawings.